Could some familiar faces be coming to the Marvel Universe via Netflix?

According to the latest rumors, we could be seeing The Punisher, Ghost Rider, Elektra and Blade coming to Marvel’s Netlix series with a Black Widow/Hawkeye mini series thrown in for good measure. These are all good things.

Website HeroicHollywood have an interesting article about the future of Marvel television, and one of the points of note was the mention of the future of Marvel and Netflix. Marvel have had great critical and fan success with their fantastic first season of Daredevil and we’ve already had hints that we would be seeing Elektra in season 2. It now looks like Marvel are seeing this as a great opportunity to reintroduce character’s that had fallen out of favor with fans because of terrible representation in movies (like Ben Affleck’s Daredevil).

This would be a very interesting (and welcome) addition, as including Blade and Ghost Rider could serve to introduce the supernatural side of the MCU. Daredevil has already hinted (very subtly) at the supernatural side of things, with Stick’s side story, and we already know a Dr Strange movie is in the works (rumors also say he could be involved in the Netflix shows as well).

Lastly, Marvel would like to continue to bridge the tv/film universe with a Black Window / Hawkeye mini series. Maybe we’ll FINALLY find out what happened in Budapest.





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