Heroes Collide In New Trailer For Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Check out the trailer below, as well as my initial thoughts / Observations

Thoughts / Things I Noticed (In No Particular Order)

  • It’s certainly the most interesting trailer
  • Get a better sense of the story (Though some would say, A tad  spoilery)
  • Tonally all over the place.
  • Definitely their most “comic booky” trailer. Not that I’m complaining (I welcome it) , but with the kind of humor on show, makes me wonder why Zack Snyder poked fun at Marvel’s use of humor.
  • We get to hear Ben’s Batman voice. (I need to hear more)
  • Bruce vs Clarke
  • (News Reporter) Clark Kent  doesn’t know who Bruce Wayne is? – 0:07
  • “Maybe it’s the Gotham city in me. We have a bad history with  freaks dressed like clowns ” (I see what you did there Bruce) – 0:55
    Speaking of, I wonder if Bruce knows who Clark is? Seems so in that scene
  • We get to see more of how Jesse Eisenberg will play Jesse Eisenberg Lex
  • Are those Darkseid’s Parademons in the desert storm batman scene? 2:00
  • Doomsday confirmed. Reminds me of Abomination from Incredible Hulk. (Hope that’s not his final look)
  • Here’s hoping those are abandoned buildings – 2:31


One comment

  • I agree I hope that’s not his final form too because that will be absolutely ridiculous…..and I will boycott this film.

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