Patty Jenkins Officially Signs On To Direct Wonder Woman Sequel for WB / DC Comics

The DCEU’s Wonder Woman was released earlier this year and was received as the best movie of the current run of DC movies (set in the DC Extended Universe). Not long after, at San Diego Comic Con, WB/DC announced that a sequel was in the works with Gal Gadot set to return. However at the time, there was no confirmation on whether or not Patty Jenkins would return (though it seemed like a dead certainty that she would). According to Deadline, the reason for the delay was due to the success of the first film, Jenkins was (rightfully so) working on negotiating a new contract with the studio for more pay upfront with residuals on the back end (meaning the better the film does, the more she gets paid after the fact). Now Variety has confirmed that the director will indeed return for the sequel and though we have no story details yet, she and DCEU head Geoff Johns have already started work on the script.

Wonder Woman will next be seen in this falls Justice League and Wonder Woman 2 is set for a  Dec. 13, 2019 release.

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